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Errol Michael Henry

Errol Michael Henry is the founder of The i2 Music Group, Music Justice and EMH Global Media. Discover more about Errol and the EMH Global Group of companies.


Rapid Concept Learning delivers practical life-affirming insights at tremendous speed. Discover how this unique training protocol is enabling people to WIN@Life.

Our Young Ones

Discover how the Young Ones initiative is providing children with much-needed life skills by encouraging them to develop their personal character while having fun!

Innovative Training Solutions

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Hope Beyond Reason

Hope has the power to renew a person’s well being. Errol Michael Henry offers a timely reminder to those who may have forgotten the enduring value of hope.

7 Steps to A Better You!

A clear sense of what what it takes to live life successfully ought to be high on anyone’s list of personal priorities. Errol Michael Henry offers 7 simple strategies to get you started.

The Art of Leadership Excellence

Great leaders inspire other people to achieve their full potential. Errol Michael Henry outlines why Excellent Leaders are the most sought after people on the planet.

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