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About EMH Global Consulting Ltd

Errol Michael Henry is the founder of EMH Global Consulting Ltd. Errol has worked at the very highest levels of the music industry as a producer, music publisher and record label owner for more than 30 years. Errol has worked with some of the most gifted artists in the world including luminaries like: Lulu, Bobby Womack, The Jones Girls, Jaki Graham (and many more).

Having also provided Executive Services to global conglomerates like: EMI, Island Records, Atlantic Records and BMG Music – Errol decided to re-purpose much of the experiential knowledge that he had acquired and utilised to great effect during his extensive multifaceted career: resulting in the establishment of EMH Global Consulting Ltd in 2007.

Personal confidence is the most precious capital on earth. My principle objective is to aide people in a manner that builds their confidence continually.

Errol Michael Henry says: “I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most gifted people on the planet, so I have seen first-hand that talent alone is not enough in order to succeed in life.

I was able to build my businesses literally from nothing, by being able to learn at speed, teach at speed and to develop the mentality of the individuals I worked with to the point where their personal confidence was such that they could not only effectively compete, but consistently ‘win’ – no matter what adverse circumstances they faced at any given moment in time.

Mediocrity is a ‘silent killer’ that destroys lives on a daily basis. Excellence provides a competitive advantage to those who posses it in abundance.  

Errol continues: “I have found that teaching, encouraging and challenging people in the right way, allows them to add practical skills to their natural talent and creativity; thus making them more able to convert their ability into measurable, beneficial outcomes.

My focus has always been on ‘adding’ to the person and in so doing, enabling them to extract more quality from themselves on a regular, sustainable basis. It seems obvious, yet I built several very successful businesses (with zero start-up capital) by encouraging individuals to continually build themselves up. Transforming the mindset of already capable people to the point where they themselves could really prosper as highly effective leaders in their own right, was not only a practical benefit, but also a profitable way of working and living too.”

Our advanced training is designed to meet the specific needs of aspirational people and delivers far better results than generic ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

Errol concludes: “These days more than ever, people are increasingly ‘time poor’ so I developed a proprietary (trademarked) training technique referred to as ‘Rapid Concept Learning’™. Discovering game-changing insights that lead to accelerated growth and improved performance, in turn, builds personal confidence.

What I do is really not rocket science. I am an attentive listener, I have extensive experience in personal development, business coaching/consulting and career advancement. I custom design and author original training/coaching materials that are unavailable anywhere else and I offer all of my clients the unceasing levels of passion, devotion, commitment and support required to propel them forward: thus enabling them to successfully achieve their life and career goals.”

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