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Errol Michael Henry


Encouraging Business Ownership

Errol Michael Henry is the founder of Intimate Records, The i2 Music Group, Music Justice, EMH Global Media and EMH Global Consulting. He is a keen supporter of entrepreneurial endeavour and has been a business owner for more than three decades.


Multiple International Projects

A prolific author, Errol Michael Henry has dedicated the past 25 years of his career working with educational faculties and conglomerates, creating bespoke training programmes to help improve performance. His most recent work: Win@Life has just been launched.


Advanced Business Solutions

Also known as The Sound Principle, Errol Michael Henry has an extensive and eclectic discography. Artistic independence lies at the heart of everything he does. The companies he has founded and the brands he continues to develop are all built with this ideal in mind.

“It is said that ‘knowledge is power’ – which is true. Creativity is an expression of power that once aligned to purpose, determination and courage: represents an absolutely unstoppable force. It makes no difference what the question is – ‘more creativity’ is always the right answer”

– Errol Michael Henry –

About The Sound Principle

The Sound Principle is the brainchild of Errol Michael Henry. Errol was an accomplished, multi-talented musician by the time he was eleven years old and had already (unbeknown to his parents) declined an offer for a full scholarship at the Royal School of Music.

Errol grew up listening to a wide variety of music (including: Jim Reeves, Andre Crouch, Bob Marley, George Benson, Manhattan Transfer, Otis Redding and Bobby Womack to name a few).

Errol believed even back then, that music spoke ‘a universal language’ and that creative ability was the key. What people had to offer in terms of creative capability, character and personality was more important than age, race or gender: an ideal that still governs his thinking today.

Errol says: “People often don’t realise that the skills required to achieve success in a highly competitive, cut-throat industry (like the music business) are entirely transferable.

Music initially exists only in the imagination of the person who is making it, but transforming what began as an intangible notion into a saleable luxury item, requires all kinds of ‘connectivity.’

In my line of work as a record producer and business executive, I am constantly bringing people together: who in many regards have little in common. Young or old, rich or poor, well educated or barely literate: it makes no difference to me.

My job has always been about finding the single ‘thread’ that unites people and encourages them to focus on a shared objective and enables them to work harmoniously towards achieving the stated goal.

The Sound Principle was established as a vehicle to facilitate deep collaboration, not just of an artistic, nature but also technical too. The Sound Principle creative vehicle has consistently provided a solid, reliable platform for other creative people to showcase their abilities to their maximum effect.

I am really excited about launching the entire WIN@Life series of training solutions, because people can literally go to iTunes or Spotify and listen to the results that were achieved because the principles that I live and work by.

I was able to build a successful career for myself (and for many others too) in an industry that has a massive historical failure rate by encouraging everyone I worked with to want more, to do more – and in so doing: become more.

The Sound Principle mode of operation has always been about extracting improved professional performance by helping people to feel better about themselves in a personal sense and those techniques are absolutely transferable to the wider world.”

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Born and raised in Lewisham, Errol is a proud ambassador of London. He is a musician, a songwriter, a producer, a publisher and an entrepreneur with a firm belief in the power of vision and creative freedom.

Errol is passionate about the importance of self-determination and freedom of expression and is fully committed to encouraging others to reach their full potential.

“Throughout my career,” he explains, “the companies I have built and the products I have created have all been designed with this one goal in mind. I believe that self-determination is a fundamental human right.

Music is just one of the many outlets I have used to communicate the importance of personal freedom and creative power.” Errol is the founder of Intimate Records, The i2Music Group, Music Justice, EMH Global Consulting and EMH Global Media.

Errol is a philanthropist and mentor who spends his time and resources developing courses and programmes that focus on mental health, wellness and enterprise.

Founded by Errol Michael Henry, The i2 Music Group is a multi-faceted organisation, purpose-built to meet the needs of the modern music business. The company encompasses a broad spectrum of music-related services, including recording, production, marketing, promotions, distribution, mixing, mastering and artist representation.

The i2 Music Group offers a one-stop shop for record labels that want the freedom to sign and develop the acts they believe in without having to build complex, expensive or time-consuming infrastructures.

We work with an eclectic and varied range of artists from the UK, the USA and Jamaica, offering a divergent range of resources in order to advance their careers.

Errol Michael Henry explains: “I have learnt many important lessons during my career in the music business, but something I understood very early on – still remains very true today. If talented people get together, share ideas, implement synergies, collaborate and stick together, the accumulative results are substantially more rewarding than if an individual looks out only for himself.

This concept of close collaboration doesn’t end when the records are complete; we just kick into higher gear. Good people are even more important to the ‘soul’ of an organisation, and the core team at i2 are all dedicated to the idea of shared ideals, hard work, professionalism and sustained success.

Errol Michael Henry is a songwriter, producer, label owner and music publisher. With more than 30 years’ experience working in the music industry at the highest levels, he established Music Justice in 2016. Keen to put an end to the historic, and often ruthless, exploitation of creative people, Errol assembled a team of highly qualified, dedicated and trusted professionals who have considerable practical experience covering the creative, business management and legal aspects of the music industry.

“Our aims are simple,” he adds. “We seek to provide reparative justice for artists, performers, songwriters, producers and indie label owners. In short, if a supposedly legitimate company is pirating your music or recording rights, mis-managing or unlawfully exploiting those rights, not paying your due royalties or incorrectly accounting to you – Music Justice can help.”

“One of the reasons that large organisations repeatedly get away with ‘exploitative’ or unfair practices (monetary, legal or otherwise),” he continues, “is because people feel powerless to respond when faced with the might of these giant corporations. The Music Justice team has fought – and defeated – some of the biggest music companies in the world and will provide the support, expertise and know-how to get you the justice that you deserve.

If you think you need our services, then contact us for a confidential chat to see how we can help

EMH Global Media publishes bespoke, purpose-designed training programmes and self-development books. From children as young as five to adults of all ages, EMH Global Media has been developing cutting-edge performance enhancing solutions since its inception in 2007. Rapid Concept Learning is a proprietary knowledge-delivery system that is utilised extensively throughout the company’s range of products. Rapid Concept Learning enables people to gain tangible, applicable insights at incredible speed.

EMH Global Media incentives, such as WIN@Life and Our Young Ones, are delivering outstanding results with insightful, practical and intuitive publications The Art of Self-Preservation and Exploring the Power of Words.

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EMH Global Consulting provides a range of professional services including: Personal Mentoring, Executive Coaching, Business Consultancy, Career Advancement, Youth Training and Keynote Speaking. Errol Michael Henry (the founder of EMH Global Consulting) is the world’s foremost exponent of ‘Rapid Concept Learning’: which when allied to custom designed training packages taken from the extensive WIN@Life library of life solutions, enable people to make significant progress – at remarkable speed.

Errol Michael Henry has worked at the highest levels in hyper-competitive, performance centred industries for over 3 decades and his propensity for ‘straight talk’ accelerates people’s ability to quickly and accurately identify which areas of their character, understanding or habits need to be realigned in order to ensure their long-term success.

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