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Welcome to Our Young Ones

Encouraging Children to Explore, Discover and to Grow

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We are a lifestyle brand encouraging children to embark on a journey learning core values to love life. We highlight and encourage positive personality traits, such as kindness, self-respect and patience, using art and play.

The products we have created will help young children to think about what kind of person they would like to be in the society they live in today.

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Exploring the Power of Words

The first in a series of bespoke publications, Exploring the Power of Words, is designed specifically to inspire young children to improve their vocabulary and to broaden their understanding of commonly used words. The book also helps children to gain a better understanding of their own personal attributes and aids the development of practical ‘life skills’ that will accelerate their individual character growth.

Exploring the Power of Words was inspired by the WIN@Life series of self-development publications created by Errol Michael Henry, who is the world’s foremost exponent of Rapid Concept Learning: a proprietary training technique that he designed in order to deliver the maximum amount of knowledge – in the shortest amount of time. The speed at which ‘applicable insights’ are delivered is why Exploring the Power of Words has proven to be so successful with children.

Anyone who has spent any time with children will tell you that ‘boredom is the enemy’; so delivering interesting, thought-provoking, life-affirming ideas quickly keeps them fully engaged. Colouring is by design ‘interactive’, and our research shows that children as young as five years old want to learn more about what it means to be unique, to have self-respect and to respect others, too: themes that are comprehensively covered in Exploring the Power of Words.

The book’s author and designer, Jacqueline Jones-Henry, says: “I have always had a tremendous passion for the progression of children’s learning. The modern age is so pressurised and youngsters are increasingly being bombarded with messages suggesting that success is measured in purely material terms. I wanted to create a ‘safe space’ where children could express their own individuality, while learning important life skills. There is no right or wrong way to colour this book, so there is no pressure to ‘get things right’. And at a time when children of all ages are being exhaustively tested in so many different ways, I just wanted them to have lots of fun while learning about essential human values that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.”

Exploring the Power of Words does exactly what it says on the tin. Encouraging children to explore inspires curiosity, which, in turn, motivates them to learn. The whole process works very effectively, because when children enjoy what they are doing, as with being ‘in charge’ of colouring, they automatically learn at their own pace – thus ensuring they discover proven personal development principles in a pressure-free environment. Exploring the Power of Words is a powerful, simple-to-use tool that provides children with a host of lasting benefits and represents an excellent start to their personal learning journey.

About the Author

Jacqueline (Jackie) Jones-Henry is a mother and a grand mother. She is also a Creative Director who has worked for world-leading publishing houses Hearst and Condé Nast on publications such as CosmopolitanCountry LivingVogue and House & Garden. She has designed a platform called Our Young Ones to help assist children on their life journey of personal development.

She says “Who doesn’t look back at their lives and think about all the things they could have done better.” Here at Our Young Ones we believe having information on how to manage your thoughts from the earliest age of 5+ is crucial.  It will help shed light on why it is so important to learn how to try and make the right decisions.

Exploring the Power of Words

‘Exploring The Power of Words’  focuses on self-love, valuing your self-worth, knowing that you are unique and learning to treat others how you would like to be treated. Respect, Kindness and  Patience are key features of the book. While youngsters practice learning the meaning of words, these core values will enable a child’s mind to be strong, confident in the absence of an adult when trying to make the right decision. Something beautiful happens when you learn the definition of a word and then make the decision to apply it to your life.

We want children to have fun as they learn to develop techniques on how to safeguard their mental health and well-being.

Children’s testimonials

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Become an official Young Ones partner today!

Young Ones are looking to engage with like-minded individuals or corporations who would be willing to partner with us by becoming sponsors. Schools represent one of the easiest and most efficient ways to positively impact impressionable young children. Unfortunately, many schools are under serious fiscal pressure and cannot afford additional reading material that is not already part of the curriculum – meaning that too many young children are missing out on an opportunity to learn essential life skills.

We are inviting partners to have their names printed inside the book so that the recipients know who enabled them to gain these much-needed insights. Please email us using info@ouryoungones.com for further information about how you might be able to make a lasting difference in the life of a young child by gifting them a copy of Exploring the Power of Words.

Our aim in creating the Young Ones platform is to offer young children encouragement, to engage them in meaningful discussion and to provide them with opportunities to express themselves freely. A group of seven- to eight-year-old pupils from Belmont School in Harrow, Middlesex, were invited to colour Exploring the Power of Words. Read their heartfelt comments and personal observations as a result of their interactions with the book.

Learning ‘life skills’ while having fun!

Colouring books help children to accelerate their personal development

Every child will express themselves differently. We encourage our young readers to personalise their copies of Exploring the Power of Words. Making colour choices while using their imagination helps children to take an independent stance while engaging with the many life-affirming, character development themes within the book.

Studies by psychologists have shown that colouring can help to reduce the risk of depression, stress, anxiety and assist with anger management.

For further information on the psychological benefits of colouring books, please see ‘7 Reasons Colouring Books Are Great for Your Mental, Emotional and Intellectual Health’ by Dr Nikki Martinez, Psy.D, LCPC

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This book was produced using recycled paper and toxin free ink. We’re investing in a sustainable future at Our Young Ones. 10% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to UNICEF supporting mental health initiatives for children worldwide.

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