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Errol Michael Henry founded EMH Global in 2007. He has worked at the forefront of performance-based enterprises for more than three decades and has a wealth of experience and know-how when it comes to personal advancement, development and consistency. Errol says: “It took me a little while to realise that it wasn’t just ’what’ I had learnt but ’how’ to do it was actually more important than ’what’ I was doing with it.

It’s quite easy to focus on results, yet overlook how those outcomes were achieved. I literally started with nothing in an industry where ‘money talks’, hence the calibre of expertise you can afford significantly influences the quality of end-product you can deliver to your customers.”

He didn’t have a name for this discovery at the time, but the proprietary training technique that Errol subsequently developed is now known as ‘Rapid Concept Learning’. Successfully utilising Rapid Concept Learning from the outset has enabled Errol to gain a significant advantage in what is a fiercely competitive industry.

“It is said that ‘circumstance is the mother of invention’, continues Errol, “and that certainly proved to be true in my life. My competitors tended to throw money at every problem they faced; I had no money so I needed to overcome my problems through more innovative means. I realised that my ability to learn at speed, teach at speed and to transform students into teachers at speed was a massive ‘game-changer’.

Teaching people how to ‘win’ faster, improves their sense of wellbeing faster too; enabling them to accomplish far more – in much less time.

Before long, global corporations were hiring me to consult for them and to show them how to make savings, increase productivity, while saving money. Initially, I was happy to take their money and reinvest it in infrastructure that enabled me to grow my business, but then I had something of a ‘light-bulb moment’. I have always sincerely believed in the notion of The Village: a borderless state of community where people contribute their insights for the betterment of all concerned.

It is all too easy to focus on individual brilliance to the detriment of the wider society, and I wanted to ensure that I was using my specific skill set to help as many people as possible: not merely the richest. It was a huge decision that carried measurable personal and professional risk, but I decided to take a sabbatical from running my companies and set my mind to writing down what I had learnt about human performance know-how – ‘WIN@Life’ was born.

Building the ‘life confidence’ that assures those who possess it that they will prevail: not matter what – is central to why WIN@Life has proven to be so effective. 

Errol spent 10 years documenting the strategies, principles and practical ‘life tools’ he himself had successfully deployed and encouraged others to use, too, in order to improve their own lives. Errol concludes: “The gift of knowledge is the greatest act of kindness one human being can bequeath to another. I cannot deny that the wisdom, insight, encouragement and support afforded me by others has had a major bearing on my life, so doing the same for others represented the very least that I could do.

I have learnt a great deal in my life, but I would suggest that the ability to completely ‘seal’ my mind from any form of negative energy was key to all I have accomplished. People speak of resilience, but don’t necessarily know how to teach others how to develop the internal ‘life confidence’ required to live in a perpetual state of resolve.

Instilling genuine resilience, a clear sense of purpose and logical ‘know-how’ provides people with the practical tools they need in order to consistently ‘WIN@Life’.

“The primary programme I teach from the WIN@Life series is ‘The Art of Self-Preservation’,” explains Errol. “Essentially, the ability to retain your own sense of purpose, your own identity, your own individual creativity and your own plan of action means that you will always have ‘spare’ assets available to share with other people who might be somewhat less well resourced in those regards. For the most part, people don’t like losing: with good reason. I personally believe that winning is a really good habit to develop, as it serves to feed a positive life cycle that benefits everyone.

WIN@Life is a comprehensive body of proven ‘know-how’ that will prove advantageous to a wide range of people – regardless of their race, creed, socio-economic status, age, gender or prevailing circumstances. I have had a truly rewarding career, but documenting the information that comprises the entire WIN@Life programme represents my proudest achievement to-date.”

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