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May 7, 2020

Exploring The Power of Words


‘Exploring The Power of Words’ – Paperback Edition

Children’s colouring book.

This book was produced using recycled paper and toxin free ink. We’re investing in a sustainable future at Our Young Ones. 10% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to Charities supporting mental health initiatives for children worldwide.

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‘Exploring The Power of Words’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Encouraging children to explore inspires curiosity, which in turn, motivates them to learn. The whole process works very effectively because children enjoy what they are doing and as they are ‘in charge’ of the colouring process, they automatically learn at their own pace – thus ensuring that they discover proven personal development principles in a totally pressure-free environment. ‘Exploring The Power of Words’ is a powerful, simple to use tool that provides children with a host of lasting benefits and represents an excellent start to their personal learning journey.

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