The Art of Career Advancement – Course Outline

The Art of Career Advancement

Course outline

You will discover:

    • The essential steps you must take to attain employment that is best suited to your skills.

    • How to make significant improvements to your personal and professional lives.

    • Advanced strategies, ideas and principles that facilitate consistent elite working performance.

Who is ‘The Art of Career Advancement’ for?

‘The Art of Career Advancement’ is for ambitious, career-minded people who want to maximise their professional potential by consistently achieving elite performance levels.

Why was ‘The Art of Career Advancement’ created?

A lot of very talented, dedicated people are working hard at their jobs but not getting the promotions or fiscal rewards their efforts truly deserve. ‘The Art of Career Advancement’ was created to offer people a wide range of relevant, usable, logical, intuitive and applicable principles that they can adopt quickly, but continue to utilise over the long term in order to facilitate sustained professional development and growth.

What is ‘The Art of Career Advancement’ about?

‘The Art of Career Advancement’ is one of the most comprehensive career development programmes ever created. There are twenty six modules: crammed with practical information, relevant insights and expert advice about elite personal and professional performance. Errol Michael Henry has shoe-horned more than thirty years of experiential know how into this simple, but effective package that is designed to enable people to receive invaluable career building expertise: quickly, succinctly and efficiently.

‘Rapid Concept Learning’ is extensively utilised throughout ‘The Art of Career Advancement’: meaning that participants glean far more usable information: much faster than would otherwise be possible. Time is short and competition for the best employment opportunities is tough, so you owe it to yourself to do everything in our power to give you the competitive edge. If you desire to give your career a significant and lasting boost: ‘The Art of Career Advancement’ is the perfect product for you.

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During ‘The Art of Career Advancement’ you will discover:

  • How to avoid wasting your precious time in dead-end jobs: doing work that you find unrewarding in environments that are not conducive to elevated learning.
  • Why confidence will ultimately determine the outcome of your working life – and what you can do in order to remain positive and totally focused.
  • Why ceaseless development is essential and why people who (foolishly) stop moving forward are making a life and career defining mistake.
  • The human, professional, organizational and fiscal benefits of being considered excellent at what you do.
  • How your attitude to investment: in yourself and others too (fiscal, educational or otherwise) – will essentially shape how your career evolves (or not if you do not implement a viable long-term investment strategy).

“A truly rewarding career must amount to more than a series of well paid jobs. Work that fails to add ‘life value’ leads to stress and failure, so I teach people how to work smarter – not harder.”

Errol Michael Henry

What will I get out of ‘The Art Career Advancement’ training course?

  • Help, encouragement, advice and instruction about how to advance your career and to lead a more fulfilled life.
  • Tools, strategies, experiential cases studies and ‘how to’ mastery that will provide you with insights and thought innovations that are known only to genuine ‘elite performers.’
  • Three decades worth of career development and progression knowledge delivered directly to you by Errol Michael Henry: who is one of the world’s foremost exponents of Carer Advanced Strategies.
  • Exclusive access to special online and live events hosted personally by Errol Michael Henry where he delivers additional information and answers to your questions – in real time.

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