The Art of Confident Living – Course Outline

The Art of Confident Living

Course outline

You will discover:

    • The core values and principles required in order to lead a fulfilling, purposeful life.

    • How to become more confident in every area of your personal and professional lives.

    • How to strengthen your mindset, overcome stress: rather than simply coping with it– thus improving your sense of well-being.

Who is ‘The Art of Confident Living’ for?

‘The Art of Confident Living’ is for people who want to lead more rewarding, fulfilled lives by consistently adding new layers of ‘life confidence’ which can be attained by applying a comprehensive range of life enhancing principles, strategies and insights derived from the WIN@Life library of training solutions.

Why was ‘The Art of Confident Living’ created?

‘The Art of Confident Living’ was created by Errol Michael Henry who has extensive knowledge and experience in helping individuals to perform at their highest levels on a consistent basis. Errol says: “I have discovered time and again that talent alone (no matter how much a person possesses) isn’t enough to ensure lasting success.

My intention in devising ‘The Art of Confident Living’ was simply to offer people a range of proven self-improvement resources that make it much easier for them to live with absolute confidence in all things – and at all times.” 

What is ‘The Art of Confident Living’ about?

‘The Art of Confident Living’ is one of the most comprehensive self-development training courses ever created. There is a wide range of modules to choose from: each crammed with practical information, relevant insights and expert advice about elite personal improvement techniques. Errol Michael Henry has shoe-horned more than 3 decades of experiential know how into this simple, but effective package that is designed to enable people to receive invaluable confidence-building expertise: quickly, succinctly and efficiently.

‘Rapid Concept Learning’ is extensively utilised throughout ‘The Art of Confident Living’: meaning that participants glean far more usable information – much faster than would otherwise be possible. If you desire to see measurable improvement in your sense of well-being, genuine growth in the amount of tangible confidence you can call upon at any given moment, plus practical tips and guidance about how to keep stress out of your life: ‘The Art of Confident Living’ is the perfect training course for you.

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During ‘The Art of Confident Living’ you will discover:

  • How to develop a winning mindset by mastering circumstances that might previously have caused you to under-perform – or perhaps to fail altogether.

  • Why confidence is the single most precious human commodity on earth – and how to add genuine ‘life confidence’ to every area of your personal existence.

  • Why continued self-analysis, development and improvement will ensure that you keep moving forward and never get stale: resulting in you falling short of fulfilling your true potential.

  • The importance of utilising ‘life vision’ in order to shape your personal and professional choices – thus ensuring that your job or your business never become a hindrance to your life: or vice versa.

  • How overcoming fear, eradicating stress and improving your inter-personal relationships will save you considerable amounts of time and energy: leaving you more able to be more creative, attentive and ultimately; more successful.

“People often confuse confidence with an ability to ‘do’ – as opposed to the confidence to ‘be.’ Those focussed solely on ‘doing’ often fall to pieces when they can no longer ‘do what they do’: whilst truly confident people seamlessly adapt because they remain self-assured.”

Errol Michael Henry

What will I get out of ‘The Art of Confident Living’ training course?

  • Help, encouragement, advice and instruction about how to develop more ‘life confidence’ and to lead a more productive life.
  • Participants of ‘The Art of Confident Living’ gain access to many years of detailed research and analysis that have facilitated the creation a carefully devised ‘menu’ of core principles that people can readily adopt in order to develop themselves, feel happier within themselves.

  • Insights and advice about how to avoid the insidious effects of self-doubt: a lingering issue that often serves to nullify an individual’s capacity to apply their natural ability to full effect.

  • Education about how to develop a ‘champions mentality’ and the core values ‘overcomers’ utilise in order to consistently out-perform all others: in life and at work – regardless of the obstacles they face along the way.

  • Exclusive access to special online and live events hosted personally by Errol Michael Henry where he delivers additional information and answers to your questions – in real time.

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