The Art of Leadership Excellence – Course Outline

‘The Art of Leadership Excellence’

Course Outline

You will discover:

    • How to improve your leadership skills and become a much better manager of people.

    • How Advanced Performance Strategies could quickly transform you as a leader.

    • Why common but avoidable mistakes could terminally damage your career as a leader.

Who is ‘The Art of Leadership Excellence’ for?

‘The Art of Leadership Excellence’ is for people who want to maximise their true leadership potential, increase their sphere of influence and secure their long term headship.

Why was ‘The Art of Leadership Excellence’ created?

“Time waits for no one – and is particularly impatient where leaders are concerned” – says Errol Michael Henry, who created ‘The Art of Leadership Excellence.’ Errol continues: “Many leaders are operating below their peak capability: not because they lack endeavour, willingness or drive, but simply because they do not have the right information or a proper appreciation of what is required of them. I designed ‘The Art of Leadership Excellence’ to provide people with experience centred know-how about what it takes to lead people at the very highest levels.”

What is ‘The Art of Leadership Excellence’ about?

‘The Art of Excellent Leadership’ delivers expansive information about the personal qualities, techniques, procedures, insights and practical abilities required to manage, inspire, motivate and organise people successfully. Errol Michael Henry is very passionate about the essential role that excellent leadership plays in business and in life and has packed ‘The Art of Leadership Excellence’ with a host of usable, simple but instantly applicable leadership principles and strategies.

You will learn how to become part of ‘The New Leadership Elite’: a network of highly skilled, highly capable group of people who are redefining the boundaries of leadership. Excellence is the gold standard and you will discover precisely what you need to do in order to be categorised: ‘the very best.’  

During ‘The Art of Leadership Excellence’ you will discover:

  • The core principles that all good leaders must use as an essential framework.
  • Detailed information about why the old ‘control and command’ techniques from days gone by simply won’t work today.
  • Comprehensive instruction about your responsibilities as a leader – and why ‘off days’ are simply out of the question.
  • The importance of being ‘the reference point’ that ambitious, talented people look to for guidance.
  • The danger of ending up ‘in office’ but not ‘in power’ – a fate that befalls leaders everyday without them ever realising.
  • Why it is even more important that people respect you – not the ‘office’ to which you have been appointed.
  • How to design, build and maintain teams of motivated, educated and cohesive people who are deeply loyal to you as their leader.

“I want to see more vision-driven people taking up leadership roles and succeeding in what can be a very challenging vocation. I also hope to see those who are already established as leaders move the bar to an altogether higher level.”

Errol Michael Henry

What will I get out of ‘The Art of Leadership Excellence’ training course?

  • Help, encouragement, advice and instruction about how to be a consistently excellent leader of people.
  • Tools, strategies, experiential cases studies and ‘how to’ mastery that will significantly accelerate your progress as a leader.
  • Three decades worth of leadership knowledge delivered directly to you by Errol Michael Henry: who is one of the world’s foremost exponents of Advanced Leadership Strategies.
  • Exclusive access to special online events hosted personally by Errol Michael Henry where he delivers additional information and answers to your questions – in real time.
  • Access to written materials that offer further clarification and also afford you the means to ‘retrace your’ steps: thus enabling you to learn at your own pace.
  • Comprehensive training, plus exclusive ‘mind maps’: specially designed graphics that speed-up your learning experience and deliver powerful visual clarity to deep and meaningful leadership themes.

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