The Art of Self Preservation – Course Outline

The Art of Self Preservation

Course outline

You will discover:

    • How to remain totally in charge of your personal circumstances – at all times.

    • How to utilise the power of your mind to its maximum effect.

    • A detailed understanding of why objective thinking is so essential to maintaining a stress-free life.

Who is ‘The Art of Self-Preservation’ for?

‘The Art of Self Preservation’ was devised by Errol Michael Henry in response to requests from aspirant people who wanted to know how they could fulfil their true potential by learning how to solve their own problems, establish a solid platform upon which they could build their long-term futures and to achieve their personal ambitions.

Why was ‘The Art of Self-Preservation’ created?

Errol says: “Substantial numbers of people navigate their way through the entire education system, yet still lack the essential ‘life skills’ necessary in order to really make their mark on the world. Increasingly high numbers of people who are dealing with significant mental health issues, but few people honestly want to talk about why these problems have arisen.

Without a clear sense of personal identity, purpose, resolve, self-accountability or personal vision: people can easily fall prey the pressure exerted on them by the world we inhabit, so ‘The Art of Self –Preservation’ was created in order to provide individuals with a practical ‘tool box’ of character-building resources that they use in order to achieve their stated goals: no matter what obstacles life might throw at them.”

What is ‘The Art of Self-Preservation’ about?

‘The Art of Self-Preservation’ is an essential body of strategies, insights, practical know-how, proven principles and training techniques designed to enable people to live, to learn and to live successfully – regardless of their prevailing circumstances.

A winning mentality can be taught. People who properly understand the core principles that enable genuine ‘overcomers’ to remain fully focused – despite any challenges that present themselves along the way, are able to maintain genuine success – over extended periods of time. ‘The Art of Self-Preservation’ was designed specifically to provide people with an abundance of practical, essential ‘life skills’ that they can easily adopt and apply; thus improving their state of well-being and providing them with the tools required in order to maintain consistent personal & professional progression.

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During ‘The Art of Self-Preservation’ you will discover:

  • How to remain in charge of your personal circumstances at all times – regardless of the problems that might arise as you undertake your journey through life.

  • A detailed understanding of why objective thinking (as opposed to subjective thought processes) is so essential to maintaining a stress-free life.

  • How to utilise the power of your mind to its maximum effect by focusing your mental energy on outcomes that are most likely to profit you in the long-term: not merely those that (initially) concern you the most at the time.

  • The importance of being diligent & resilient at all times – and why even the most talented people are still likely to fail in life if they refuse to adopt diligence and resilience as their ‘default settings.’

  • How to ‘own your mistakes’ by avoiding the death trap known as: ‘The Blame Game’ – a trait that manifests as habitually pointing the finger of responsibility at other people; thus denying yourself invaluable opportunities to learn from your own errors and to transform (apparent) ‘disasters’ into usable ‘fuel’ to drive yourself forward.

“Wanting to change is good – knowing what to change is even better. Understanding the distinction between was is merely different and is demonstrably better will ensure that your efforts produce more tangible ‘life success’, which in-turn, leaves you feeling more confident.”

Errol Michael Henry

What will I get out of ‘The Art of Self-Preservation’ training course?

  • Hundreds of tips, strategies, examples and thought-provoking insights about what it takes to consistently WIN@Life.

  • A step-by-step breakdown of the art of problem solving and how to overcome stress, as opposed to merely learning to cope with it: as too many people try (and often fail) to do

  • Why a proper sense of purpose allied to your personal vision will keep you moving forward – when all others have long since given up.

  • An appreciation of why keeping the destructive power of fear out your life will leave you feeling happier, braver and more willing to express your creativity, capability and personality.

  • Exclusive access to special online and live events hosted personally by Errol Michael Henry where he delivers additional information and answers to your questions – in real time.

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