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August 14, 2019
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August 18, 2019

Why do some people seem to be able to set (what others might deem unattainable) goals – yet achieve them with what appears to be relative ease? Why don’t the most talented people always win in life: even when nature has clearly blessed them with a more impressive array of talents and abilities than their counterparts? How do clearly very intelligent people end-up taking orders from self-evidently stupid ones: day-after-day and year-after-year? Why do some capable people collapse into an untidy heap the first time they encounter (what they consider to be) difficult circumstances? All good questions: all deserving of equally good answers.

Confidence plays a key role in determining a person’s life outcomes – but ‘life vision’ (or in more cases than not) plays a far more telling role. Confidence is defined in the dictionary as: The feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. Mmmn…So confidence is a ‘feeling’ not a fact! It is possible to feel very confident: without good reason – just as it is altogether possible to lack personal confidence for no apparent reason.

To my mind ‘reasons’ are very important and should be examined in more detail. If confidence stems from a belief in ‘something or someone’ – the nature and substance of that something or someone is absolutely critical. You don’t need faith in order to believe in what your eyes can see: faith does its most important work when your eyes can see nothing praiseworthy at all. Stay with me: it’s about to get real up in here!

Aspirational thinkers don’t need external motivation: their beliefs enable them to persist – long after all others have faded into insignificance.

The principle difference between winners and losers is what their attention is focused on during the evidence-gathering process. Anyone can win when winning is easy, but genuine winners see victory everywhere – all of the time: especially when all of the available ‘evidence’ says otherwise. The ability to continue to have faith in something that as yet, remains unproven requires a particular skill: that skill is called ‘vision-led living.’

Vision-led individuals are not governed by situations, but by aspirations. Vision-led people don’t see the obstacles, but merely the big prizes that get handed-out as a result of overcoming all hindrances. Vision-led leaders are more generous, thoughtful, inspiring and effective: meaning that not only do they achieve more themselves, they also facilitate continued heightened performance from others too.

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Someone who leads a vision-led life never feels conflicted between ‘career’ and ‘life’ because the former will have been specifically designed to enhance the latter. An individual, who has taken the time to properly appreciate what vision-led living is all about, won’t ever find himself or herself wishing they had a job: whilst running a struggling business or wishing they owned their own company while wrestling daily with terminal boredom.

Vision-led people don’t look at what’s happening now but simply remain ‘locked on’ to their chosen long-term target. If you hope to get a better job because you’d quite like some more money: you’d should also pray that the person you are competing with for the post doesn’t see that career elevation as an essential plank of their long-term vision. People who are so minded are more engaged, more determined, more passionate and infinitely more employable.

Confidence can be a very fleeting substance, but knowing where your assurance comes from will leave you feeling infinitely more assured.

Understanding where you derive confidence from will empower you to continue pressing on when all others have faded away. There is no getting away from the reality that people who are governed by strong beliefs are far more formidable opponents than those who are less clear about what ‘drives’ them. So the obvious question is: ‘what do you believe in and why?’ There will be days ahead when things perhaps get difficult in a personal or professional sense. Knowing what ‘centres’ your life before these significant events occur will make all the difference between kicking circumstantial butt – and having your confidence sapped exponentially.

Your future is being shaped right now. What you believe in (or not) is determining your life strategy, which in turn: is deciding the outcome of your life. Clarity (another performance of vision) about your core beliefs will enable you to know (in advance) what or who to accept in your life – or just as importantly: to reject.

Confidence is central to translating ambition into tangible achievement. Vision-led people are driven by their in-built desire to plan, accumulate, communicate, associate and facilitate at levels that others cannot begin to countenance. People armed with this kind of ‘life power’ turn dreams into reality on a regular basis. Dreaming is good: converting dreams into usable, life-changing resources is so much better still. Anything worth having is worth fighting for, but fighting requires energy, stamina, weaponry and singularity of purpose. What are you fighting for and why? Who shares your vision and who will unite their forces with yours in order to form an unbeatable alliance? Who looks at you and sees hope that they too can enjoy the innumerable fruits of a vision-led life? Scratch that: who looks up to you – period?

Confidence is infectious: – your assurance about the person you are – and the accomplishments that will define your life can only cause others who are less clued-up in such regards to wonder: where do you get so much confidence from? “See the fear, but do it anyway” is a term that is not new, but without something else to look at instead: fear will captivate your attention and strangle your ambitions. Yet vision-led champions never lose sight of the all-encompassing power that comes from believing in some thing far greater than themselves. Therein lies the true power of vision: its tireless ability to make you feel like more – especially when you feel like so much less.

Have you mastered the art of vision-led thinking? Be honest with yourself: are you an indefatigable champion in all things and at all times? Close your eyes and search your heart: then open your eyes and thoroughly examine your life – you’ll find the real answer soon enough.

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