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Jacqueline Jones-Henry is an Art Director and Creative Consultant who has worked for world leading publishing houses Hearst and Condé Nast working on publications such as Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Vogue and House & Garden. She has designed a platform called Our Young Ones to help assist children on their life journey using a tool being powered by “The power of exploring words.”
Jacqueline explains: "Coming from a home of hard working young parents who were the first generation to arrive in this country meant that I spent a lot of time with a nanny. At the age of 5 years I remember how hard it was for me on my first day of school. Tears well’ed up in my eyes as I started my first day. Little did my parents know about the mental challenges that I had to face in their absence.
Children are not naive, they assess, evaluate and analyse situations, often internalising the question: “Will there ever be a right time to speak about what I’m going through.” In some cases nothing is said until they become adults - or in the worst case scenario nothing is done until it's too late."
When I was growing up we had The Green Cross Code, it  saved many children's lives while teaching them how to cross the road. Young Ones offers similar support in offering a code of conduct in how to think behave and live in a world that can be dangerous. They say that 'knowledge is power'. Understanding the power of words is the first step."

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