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The Art of Personal Development

“Did you know that a word can be a friend?”…

By teaching children about the transformative power of words and how they can influence our thought process and how we see ourselves, Exploring The Power of Words will also demonstrate how positive thinking will keep depression and anxiety at bay.

Our Young Ones is a body of work created to take children on an educational journey. With Our Young Ones, children will explore the value of morals and life skills. In our first book ‘Exploring the Power of Words’ children will discover the importance of understanding their self-worth while mastering the art of personal development.

The art of  To practice something over and over again.

Personal Concerning my life.

The Learning Benefits of Colouring In

Personalising their books

Every child will express themselves differently. we encourage our young readers to personalize their copies of Exploring The Power of Words. Making colour choices while using their imagination helps children to take an independent stance while engaging with the character development themes within the book. Studies by psychologists have shown that colouring can help to reduce the risk of depression, stress, anxiety and assist with anger management.

Further information on the psychological benefits of colouring in books, please see “7 Reasons Colouring Books are Great for Your Mental, Emotional and Intellectual Health” by Dr Nikki Martinez, Psy.D, LCPC

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About the author

Jacqueline Jones-Henry is an Art Director and Creative Consultant who has worked for world-leading publishing houses Hearst and Condé Nast working on publications such as Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Vogue and House & Garden. She has designed a platform called Our Young Ones to help assist children on their life journey of Personal Development.

Exploring the Power of a Word

At Our Young Ones, we believe that discernment is key to improving mental health and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Making decisions about the kind of person they want to be is important for our society. Understanding the definition of words, the significance of choosing the right words and learning how to align the right words with their thoughts is also a crucial part of a child’s personal development. We have created an interactive platform that allows children to learn key life skills in personal development while being free to express themselves through creativity.

Art Is the conscious creation of something beautiful.