Think, Act, Live Like a Visionary
August 16, 2019
Never Be Afraid to Fail
August 18, 2019

Today is the best day of your life! Why so? Today offers you the opportunity to do better than you did yesterday. When you opened your eyes this morning, Today was waiting patiently for you. Today is too polite to embarrass you about Yesterday’s shortcomings and is too wise to pressure you regarding Tomorrow’s requirements, even when you fail to show due regard for either one of them.

Today is a great day because twenty-four brand new hours are lined-up in a neat row: just awaiting further instruction from you. Today is your resource provider, it is your responsibility to ensure that you extract every last ounce from it, before it passes the baton into the secure hands of Tomorrow. What will Today bring you? I have no idea, but whatever unfolds, you will handle with good grace. If Today furnishes you with an abundance of provision: that’s fair enough. If Today affords less than you hoped for: that’s fair enough too.

Today is a very good day to learn some ‘life lessons’ that might have eluded you yesterday.

Today offers you another chance to track down, arrest and evict more examples of ignorance from your inner senses. From the moment you arise, until the moment you go to sleep (in anticipation of your next greatest day) you ought to do everything within your power to make this the greatest day of your life. Today is wonderfully relevant. It has that lovely ‘now’ smell to it. No trace of Yesterday: no hint of Tomorrow – just that delightfully fresh smelling fragrance of the moment. The aroma of expectation that comes with Today greets your nostrils and should make you glad to be alive.

Even though Today makes no specific requirement of you, deep within your heart, you know full well that it deserves your very best attention. You should refuse to leave any portion of Today’s work schedule until Tomorrow – just in case Tomorrow is a less reasonable taskmaster and you find yourself overloaded. To find yourself wishing that you had made better use of Yesterday is a criminal waste of the privilege of Today: you cannot afford such waste, nor should you sanction it for any reason.

History will search the records to see what you did with each of your days – before deciding how you should be remembered.

This may not be the greatest day for anyone else but you must appreciate it completely, because there is no other way to get the maximum value from your existence. Your future actually begins Today, so Today is absolutely essential.
The principle difference between winners and losers is what their attention is focused on during the evidence-gathering process. Anyone can win when winning is easy, but genuine winners see victory everywhere – all of the time: especially when all of the available ‘evidence’ says otherwise. The ability to continue to have faith in something that as yet, remains unproven requires a particular skill: that skill is called ‘vision-led living.’

Vision-led individuals are not governed by situations, but by aspirations. Vision-led people don’t see the obstacles, but merely the big prizes that get handed-out as a result of overcoming all hindrances. Vision-led leaders are more generous, thoughtful, inspiring and effective: meaning that not only do they achieve more themselves, they also facilitate continued heightened performance from others too.

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Today is quite marvellous! Why do I say that? Because Today very kindly remembered you and refused to hand you over to Tomorrow, without adding to you first. Today allocated time for you to recollect your memories, to realign your principles, to readjust your priorities, to make your apologies, to demonstrate your forgiveness and to offer your condolences to those who are suffering more than they can endure.

Make the most of today and inspire someone else to be more positive about all of their tomorrows.

Perhaps your unshakable confidence about Today’s prospects, will provide reasons to hope for somebody else, who is unable to see past Yesterday’s disappointments, set-backs or hardships and is in grave danger of losing sight of the innumerable opportunities afforded by their tomorrows.

Maybe your example in stubbornly refusing to buckle under the duress caused by your circumstances, will inspire someone else to hold on, at least until Tomorrow has had a chance to bring them something better than they witnessed today.

Could Today be the day that you finally connect your abilities with your destiny? Who knows? Everything will be much clearer before this day is done. Maybe Today will be the day that you finally have a face-to-face encounter with that elusive commodity known as Perfection. If that were to happen, Today would be transformed in an instant from being your greatest day, into becoming the perfect day!

Life coaching and personal development are just fancy phrases for describing something that is altogether devoid of mystery. They all allude to making every day of your life, the greatest day of your life. Relish every second (the good and the bad, as they exist to teach you different things). Use every moment constructively. Do not let Today provide Tomorrow’s proof that you wasted Yesterday. Make this and every day Your Greatest Day.

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